Thursday, July 30

Video Frenzy: Playlist of a 90s Parties

these are the songs that marked my childhood, plus some lol.

the crazy thing is...I don't think I ever saw the video for them then. Maybe that was intentional? But every party I heard them, and my sister and her friends were always listening to them.

Daisy Dukes

At my family reunion this year, my uncle told the story of how he took me to the fair and I kept singing this! I don't remember that though...

Tootsie Roll

...this ain't the butterfly, it's the tootsie roll!


Uncle Luke...say what you want about him...was the hit-master in the 90s.

This is How We Do It

Was Montell Jordan holding it down for the Male R&B all by himself back then? I don't count R. Kelly...he's always been his own genre: FreaknB

Nice walk down memory lane...Now back to oh-nine.

♥ Shay

Wednesday, July 22

What I've Been Up To

My apologies everyone for not writing lately. Not doing a good job of keeping ya'll entertained am I?

Let me just say that I've had some eventful times lately. This is huge news because anyone that has talked to me lately knows how bored I've been in Memphis for the longest. The last couple of weeks have been really good to me though. I've been out a few times with friends, new and old. Possibly had some spirits...:-)....lifted that is. Just a good time.

One of my previous posts talked about lack of patience and how to get the time to past a little faster. A fellow blogger in the blogosphere- KT -- suggested that I live a little, following the famous motto that "Time flies when you're having fun." Well that's what's been happening! And the memories I've had the last couple of weeks are priceless. Before I realized it, August is sneaking up on me.

Life is just good right now. Financially, I'm still in a hole, and it's actually deeper. I had to pay for an optometrist appointment, have to pay on $200+ eyeglasses, and have a series of dentists' appointments coming up. PLUS I have to figure out how to get this stuff for school.
But none of that matters right now. Life is good. I have an amazing big sis, an adorable baby niece, even more nieces and nephews, parents who just celebrated a 32nd anniversary, a cousin who's still my right hand (wo)man when it comes to it, and some crazy/sexy/cool friends.

Why should I complain?

My big bro from WashU, Gerald (follow him here), wrote on the #howdareyou trend a couple days ago. The best: #howdareyou complain all the time. Life's too short for all that. That's how I'm feeling right now. What's the use of making your life and the ones around you suffer from your skewed perspective?

Get out and live! Take the bad if it comes your way. It'll make the good that much sweeter! Enjoy the time with old friends, and take the time to make new ones. And don't forget the smiles and the moments that make you smile. You'll need them on the dark nights.

So yeah. Pardon me for not writing. I've had a few issues brewing in me, but none that can be developed enough to post here. I don't know...I could just do a variety day and post it all. But you all will have to comment!

♥ and Peace,

Saturday, July 18

Poetry Corner: Nikki Giovanni

My favorite poet is Nikki G. Period. Lol. And I ran upon this poem that fits my current sentiments to a tee. All I Gotta Do is wait lol

All I Gotta Do

all i gotta do
is sit and wait
sit and wait
and it's gonna find
all i gotta do
is sit and wait
if i can learn how

what i need to do
is sit and wait
cause i'm a woman
sit and wait
what i gotta do
is sit and wait
cause i'm a woman
it'll find me

you get yours
and i'll get mine
if i learn
to sit and wait
you got yours
i want mine
and i'm gonna get it
cause i gotta get it
cause i need to get it
if i learn how

thought about calling
for it on the phone
asked for a delivery
but they didn't have it
thought about going
to the store to get it
walked to the corner
but they didn't have it

called your name
in my sleep
sitting and waiting
thought you would awake me
called your name
lying in my bed
but you didn't have it
offered to go get it
but you didn't have it
so i'm sitting

all i know
is sitting and waiting
waiting and sitting
cause i'm a woman
all i know
is sitting and waiting
cause i gotta wait
wait for it to find

Written by Nikki Giovanni

Like it says...."it" will come to me. All I got to do is wait. As I learned from a very insightful cartoon show (lol)...Good things take some time.

♥ Shay

Tuesday, July 14

Who Completes Me?

Let's get something straight.

I'm not that scared to admit my flaws. I'm far from perfect, and even a premature look at this blog can tell you that. And I don't think I'm holier than anyone.

With that said, I wanted to talk about a major error in relationship mentalities:

You complete me.

We love to hear people say it to their mates. We long for the day to say it to someone. When they say it in love stories, we go "aawww!"

But we shouldn't. This is not a good thing!

Now, before you start labeling me as a bitter young lady, just listen.

A pastor once came to our worship service at my college. We were talking about relationships, and he's the one that brought up the point that we shouldn't look for someone to complete us. The truth should be complete before you ever try to find someone to be with. If you look at your life and say, "Something's missing," then don't try to fill it with a person! It probably means something is missing, and you should figure out what it is about your world that is leaving you feeling like that.

Look at it this way: if you have a "hole" in your life, and you fill it with someone, you become attached to that person prematurely. You're so occupied with making sure your "hole" is filled that you fail to evaluate what you're filling it with. And when that person leaves, what are you left with?
A bigger hole than you had at first. You will have given this someone some of yourself [time, energy, intimacy, etc] that you'll feel like you can't get back.

Instead, after you're pretty complete and confident on your own, find someone to complement you. Granted, this should be a person who doesn't need completing as well.

Let's briefly clear a misconception though:
Being complete does not equal being perfect.
It doesn't mean that you have to wait to finish school, find the perfect job, have your own place, have your own car, and etc. If that what works for you, then by all means, do it. But these are not absolute terms of being complete.Completing yourself is a mental confidence and assurance you have to have before you go along meshing your life with someone else's.

  • If you're not over your ex, you're not complete. If you get in a relationship in this state, you're just be replacing the last one with the next one, and the pain will build.
  • If you have self-esteem issues, fix that before you move on. Because you'll use the next guy/girl's affection as a substitute for the confidence you should have yourself. This won't seem like a problem in the midst of the relationship, but if things ever get rocky, it will all come crashing down.
  • If you haven't made serious decisions about your life [how long do I want to be in school? when am i comfortable having sex? what do I look for in a guy/girl?] then you should answer those questions for yourself. If you don't, someone else will answer them for you.
None of this makes for less romance. It doesn't mean you can't look forward to a mate. It doesn't mean that someone isn't coming to sweep you off your feet or change your world. It just means that when they come, you'll be grounded and ready for take-off. Who wants to catch someone who's drifting?

I've had to learn a lot of this the hard way, and I'm still in the process of learning. Like I said, I'm not perfect. To be honest, I don't think I'm complete at the moment. But I'm working towards it.

Fill your own holes people. Don't let someone else fill them for you.

**oh, in case in needs to be said, this is my own opinion and perspective. the only idea that has been borrowed is the idea of being complemented vs completed. the interpretation of this is my own.**

♥ Shay

Friday, July 10


Got this from the guy J.Ferb from his tumblr. This ish was so funny I had to make a bunch of my friends watch it too!

Have a good friday!

♥ Shay

Thursday, July 9

Blog Update, Changes

Hey all,

I've taken off comment moderation, which means that I don't have to approve them first.

And I also took off the word verification thingy. I tried to test it and it wasn't working right, so I took it off.

what does this mean?

Comments Comments Comments!

Also, thanks to all my followers. We're almost at 10! WhooHoo! Thanks for riding on me on this journey! I'll post a little later today...but now I'm about to take a break. :-)

♥ Shay

Tuesday, July 7

Never Can Say Goodbye...♥ facebook thoughts on the MJ Memorial service:

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore How you gonna let Al Sharpton be your Family Adviser?!? Where they do that at?

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore I really dig the fact that John Mayer's doing this song...♥

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore Jackson family...please don't mimic the King children...don't get caught up fighting public battles over personal matters...

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore Dang...Michael stopped the House proceedings? Yeah, that's impressive.

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore Usher, who told you that you could leave the stage?!?

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore ♥ Loving Smokey even MORE right now ♥

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore shaheen jafargholi. killed it.

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore look at the kiddies!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore Love that they're playing "Man in the Mirror" instrumental as they carry out the casket.

Adrianne Shay Solace Gore They shined the light on the mic, and we waited expectantly, hoping they'd shine the light on Mike.... RIP Mr. Jackson...

Shoutouts to Imani over at Indulgence for the FB status idea! ♥

♥ Shay

Monday, July 6

What's Your Therapy?

Everyone has some guilty pleasure they indulge in when things get a little slow or rough in life. You know, some binge eat. Others throw themselves into their work.

Currently, mine is retail therapy.

But it's weird how I do it! I hate buying clothes, except online. And sometimes, the mere search for something to buy makes me feel better. I tend to splurge on electronics, shoes, purses, or groceries. (Yeah I know, groceries is a weird thing to splurge on, doesn't it?)

For example, after a disappointing day at the mall (couldn't find anything that jumped out for a 4th of July outfit) I went and bought a new pair of shoes. Black heels, open toed, with a rhinestone buckle. Completely gorgeous!

But what use do I have for them?
Currently, none really. Which means that I could have waited on the purchase when it was necessary. But nooo! lol. I had to have them. I then went on to walk around the house for 30 minutes to make myself feel like I'd made a wise purchase.

I'm not talking down on anyone, myself included. I don't think there is anything wrong with doing something for yourself when you're down. However, it becomes a problem when it interrupts the normal functioning of your life.
So spending the cell phone bill money on a new outfit is not okay.
Eating junk food to the point of unhealthiness is not cool.
Or devoting your life to a gym to the point that you don't have time to work, go to school, or not okay.

But there is nothing wrong with putting a little smile on your face. Your face deserves it! ahaha!

So live a little. Find a therapy. Just make sure it doesn't become an addiction.

So Talk to Shay: What's your therapy? What do you do when you're feeling a little stressed to get your happy face back?
And I really do love to hear from your guys! Leave a comment! And don't be afraid to follow me!

♥ Shay

Sunday, July 5

Diddy's All White Party

I'm a devoted blog reader, and I loved the photos from Diddy's All White Party. A few that caught my eye:

Lauren London finally showed up in a picture pregnant. Seven months, with Weezy's baby. Mhms...Anywho, she's gorgeous nonetheless.


Amber Rose. Just like anything else she rocks, she looks gorgeous.

If I could be one person for another day, it's Teyana Taylor.

Dear Mel B. can I please have those shoes when you're done with them?!?

Good deal. It seems Diddy's event helped to fight malaria. That's a real good look.

Thoughts on the Fourth

For the fourth of July, my family and I went to Sandhill, MS (the COUNTRY) to visit family on my Dad's side of the family. My dad, mom, sister, oldest niece, youngest niece, and myself all rode together, which made for an interesting trip.

While sitting outside on those picnic benches in the cool breeze, I really took in what I was seeing. There were several older family members I didn't know, but they still smiled and talked to me like I'd been around for ages. It reminded me, that you got to love family. I'm so grateful for a loving, concerned, and happy family. I might not see them all the time and we might not call each other all the time, but they're always happy to help and to see you.

On another note,

♥ I ate too much WAY too fast. Lol. I caught acid reflux that slowed me in my tracks and had to walk off.
♥ Wearing white shorts to the country proved to be a big FAIL.
♥ my great Aunt Katie makes the best chicken & dressing evaaa.
♥ Ain't no ice cream like homemade ice cream!

I hope everyone else had a great time too! Pictures below.

Me and my plate full of food. It was like 4 in the afternoon and I hadn't ate since around 9 that morning lol.

Me, my sister, and my great-aunt Katie. She is too funny!

My sister and I with my Daddy. As you can see, we stopped in Canton, MS on the way home.

As you can see, I got my hair done. anyway. it's braided with a sew-in in the middle. I really love it, and it'll probably be in all summer.

Wednesday, July 1

*Random Thoughts*

Rest In Peace VIBE Magazine
This is the most memorable cover for me...I'll never forget the thourough investigations done by a room full of college kids trying to determine if this cover was photoshopped or not. hehe.

True Talent--Lydia Paek

Oh em gee, she can sing so well! True musical talent is in the hands of those who can sing acapella, anywhere, with plenty of people vibing to it.

If I Weren't a Broke College Student...

I'd have a bad shoe game! Unfortunately, I'm currently saving for a car, so most of my extra money has to be put up.
Shown: Camille by
Baby Phat
On sale for $51.99 *in select sizes* at

Must-Go Traveling Destination
This, my friends, is Santorini, Greece. It is so beautiful, with the blue domes, and white buildings built on the side of the mountains! Whenever I travel Europe, this is a stop I must make!