Monday, November 30

Where's the poems?

I was talking with a friend of mine over Thanksgiving BREAK, and I realized...

I haven't posted any of my poetry in a while. And I concluded that it has much to do with my poetry writing class. The truth is, I'm writing more poetry now than ever before, but I'm just not publishing it anywhere. Also, the workshop sessions that we do--where about 12 other people (constructively) rip your work to pieces--does something to the ego. I'm not so anxious to deliver a poem here if I know it might suck. But I plan to change that. After finals are done (2 weeks!) I plan to get back in the habit of posting poems in search of some feedback. So be ready to give it!
To all the other college kids out there, good luck with finals, and hopefully I can give you all some tips in the next few days or so about how to stay calm in the midst of the storm.

♥ always

Monday, November 16

Grey Skies

I hate grey skies.

I hate it how it makes noon feel like evening time. I hate how it makes me carry around my umbrella, waiting for the rain to fall.

I especially hate how it makes me want to stay in all day and sleep.

Today is going to be difficult, with these grey skies and all. And then it's a Monday, my least favorite day of the week.

Never the less, I'm still blessed.
I'm alive. I have clothes and shoes. I still have a job. My bills are paid. I only have one class today.

For all the things that aren't done or aren't done right in my life at the moment, I still gotta say thank you.

Make moves people, and be happy.

♥ Shay

Wednesday, November 4

Oh Gawd! ::fan::

I'm taking a study break from this WashU grind, just to stumble upon this goodness of a man!

Trey Songz has finally released the video for I Invented Sex. And after watching that, I might have to second the validity of that statement. Everything about this video yells sexy, and if you don't believe me, then just watch it for yourself below:

He is not playing at all... What I would pay to be ol' girl right now. Mhmzzz. Good move by Trey of removing Drake's verse from the video. Drake, I love you, but...

Be careful where you watch this. Definitely not for a public computer. NSFW indeed.

Deuces, enjoy.
♥ Shay

Monday, November 2

Do You Rep Yo City?

Saw this on twitter....
DevinFerrari: So now everyone wants to b from NYC cause of Jay & A. Keys. A few years ago everyone was claiming ATL cause of the crunk music..

And it made me wonder how people feel about their city. Especially Memphis people. Do you feel proud of your city? Do you represent it, or do you diss it? Do you accept other people dissing where you're from?

I personally am mixed on the issue. I appreciate Memphis for making me what I am, for exposing me to what it has exposed to me. At the same time, I get angry and frustrated with Memphis for what it has exposed me to. Sometimes I'm embarrassed of the problems we have.

Also, I never understand how people say they love to visit Memphis or when they say they want to live there. In another moment, I myself will wrestle with going back. About going back and making positive changes. But at the same time, sometimes I'm so discouraged that I feel the best thing I can do is stay away from it.

And take how I feel about Memphis, and compare it to how alot of people I meet from Chicago feel about their city. --->cue "Put On" and skip to Kanye's verse...