Saturday, January 30

Why It's Good to Have Friends

Look, we all need friends. Seriously. If you're walking around pretending you're a loner with no friends, cut the bull and stop lying to yourself. In this big old world, there is somebody out there that is like you or even different from you that you are compatible with. Most of the time you don't have to look far from where you currently are to see them. But they're out there. And when you have good friends, you're quality of life shoots through the roof. Your conversations get deeper and your weekends get better. And begin to realize that even if life is beating the ish out of you, somebody out there has your back. 

It's a good feeling. Shoutout to all my friends, near me and far from me, old and new, serious and more crazy. Love all you guys.

On a note to end on.... everybody is always bragging about haters...bump that. They're irrelevant and take up too much room. Trust me, I'd rather have friends over haters any day.

♥ Shay

Wednesday, January 27

Back in Session

So school is back in session. Been that way for about a week now. I have been swamped beyond belief. I promise, if it wasn't for Google Calendar and my iPhone, I would be screwed.

Anyway, my current goals for the semester are just to get some healthy habits in my life. Like waking up at the same time in the morning, though going to sleep is currently a #fail. Oh well, no one's perfect, and I won't change overnight.

I'm kind of in a blah place right now. I don't really get to see much of anyone I'm close to, seeing as how we're all so busy that we are always on the run. I guess that's why it's good to be active in college. Because if you're not busy with your own agenda, you start to feel neglected because of someone else's schedule.

No worries, mine is full. Which is why I'm mad at myself for letting 3am sneak up on me with not work done. This is NOT okay. I have got to get some rest.

To everyone else, hold on out there in the college battle. Or life battles! All you have to know is that persistence can pick up the slack wherever you might have it.

♥ Shay

Thursday, January 14


Pontaillac Beach, Royan, France. (source)

So I really had a bunch of ideas floating in my head, some which float a lot. I really just needed somewhere to put them all.
  • People walk in and out of our life all the time. The only time it's a problem is when we weren't ready for them to go just yet.
  • Cheating happens so often and shamelessly these days. It makes the idea of a relationship (let alone marriage) seem useless. Why build a fence if you gonna jump it anyway?
  • I wonder how our generation ended up with perspectives on life so different and so far from the morals and standards of our parents? Has that much about life changed that quickly?
  • People not knowing where you are is hard nowadays. Between Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Skype, whatever... people can always find you.
  • Furthermore, it's hard to preserve mystery. All our business is everywhere. You can't even hide your birthday because there's some website somewhere telling it all.
  • I'm a little bi-polar. Because one day, I don't care about sharing about me, and some days I BEG for privacy and can't find it.
  • Friends can get you in trouble. Friends can also get you out of trouble.
  • Right now, I really want to go on a fun bowling, or bumper carts, followed by dinner at a diner or something, a nice walk, a hug and kiss goodnight...mannn that would be so much fun.
  • The abundance of foolery and ignorance is really gonna dumb down our society at some point. It's gonna be a sad day when you can get a high school diploma without knowing what a book is.
  • If I ever have kids one day, I'm gonna have to move to Canada. or France. or hell, maybe China. Somewhere where school will be challenging and they're forced to live to their potential.
  • Secondary [correction: tertiary] education aka college costs a lot of freaking money. Since it's becoming so necessary in life, when is the USA gonna step up and make this ish free?
  • Putting all my random thoughts someplace makes me feel good. :-)
Til next time loves...
         ♥ Shay

Sunday, January 10


What is the balance between living life the way you want to and adhering the advice and concerns of others?

I'm finding that the satisfaction I pledged to obey in 2010 is being challenged left and right by various people. It's only difficult because it comes from the mouths of loved ones. Those are the people you don't really want to disappoint. And I wonder, am I being stubborn and foolish, or is it just my confidence??

I find that what people suggest I be just doesn't fit who I want to be right now. I'm 20 years old, and I'm at a point in my life where I want to see certain things, try to do certain things, etc. And to manage my money like some or to have fun like some doesn't work for me. What to do?

Don't mistake this for trying to live for's just trying to figure out how to best live for myself. I can accept that I don't always know best...but when do I actually know what's best for me?

Help me figure this out you guys! Leave a comment. Message me. Text me. Call me...Just give me some answers. You can even answer anonymously if you have something to tell me about myself that you can't personally say.

Living. Loving. Forgiving.
♥ Shay

Friday, January 8

Words to Live By...

Live. Love. Forgive.

Those are the words that I'm using as a guide for a while. Hearing about a terrible car accident recently and seeing how it affects so many lives almost instantly really makes me want to get the MAX out of life.

I want to hear from YOU! What words do you live by? What's your mantra, your motto, you guide? 

Leave a comment and share! Pretty please! :-)

♥ Shay

Saturday, January 2

New Year, New Focus

Happy New Year Blog fam!

It's 2010 and that means a new decade is approaching of life to live and mistakes to make. You know how that goes.

I don't have an official New Years resolution like I usually do-- though I like lists and could easily make one. This year though, I'm keeping it simple. I'm trying to make and pick up good habits in my life. It's not about reaching a target goal...just changing slowly.
Also, my theme this year is ME. I have so much that I've done for others while not thinking about me. Well, if I don't take care of me, who will? It's not a selfish thing, it's self-protection. I'm gonna have to tell people no a little more. And I'm gonna be to myself some. And hopefully this won't anger anyone. But if it does...
::Kanye Shrug::

We can't live our lives the way people want us to. We are the drivers behind the wheel, and we can take directions from our passengers, but it doesn't mean we have to follow them.

So are you gonna drive or what?
- Posted by Shay from my iPhone