Wednesday, October 28

A Year Older

Hey all,

So I'm definitely 20 now. Yay! I had a really great weekend with my sister and my friends-- together we are so crazy! For one of the first birthdays I can say I did and got everything I wanted for my birthday and overall I'm happy and just chilling.

Unfortunately I'm sick now :-( Its not the flu, no worries...just a bad cold. So I've knocked out on Sudafed in the bed. Blah!

Anyway, I'll be back when I'm better. Stay strong everybody!


Friday, October 23

New Music and their Vids

Hey you guys...wanted to share with you guys some new music I've found. I might be late though, so don't judge me:

Thinking about You--Mario

Mario has gotten quite handsome over time. Yes lawd. Remember when he was just trying to be friends and had them braids?!? Yeah, that's over....
If I wasn't so committed to my boo (Trey Songz) Mario might be giving him a run for his money....

And another video featuring Mario--this was not intentional.

Hurricane Chris ft. Mario and Plies--Headboard

Granted, Hurricane Chris is not a fye rapper, and Plies is the nastiest talking sumna-ish I know, AND regardless of the fact that I'm not down with the procreation theme in this song...I LIKE IT. Yeah I said it!

Also, cuz I've missed her SO MUCH!
JoJo-- I Hate Love

Fellas, don't be coming on here talking about this being another "bitter black woman song!" First of all, JoJo ain't black! Second of all, clearly it's about a love-hate relationship with love. This is a UNIVERSAL-themed song. Listen to it and learn.

Okay so they're not that hidden... this guy is from a group called Boyce Aveneue
Here's an acoustic redo of "Beautiful Girls/Stand by Me"


♥ Shay

Wednesday, October 14

Music and Birthday Gifts!

I heard this today on blogxilla and ybf today. Wale and Rihanna. I'm feeling it: other news,
MY BIRTHDAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Feel free to send me gifts ;-)
These are my retail therapy picks from (and for) yours truly:

This is a baller ass Coach wristlet. I don't consider myself to be big on name brands, but I feel like this will be $50 well spent.


This strappy heels are over at Charlotte Russe for about $30 dollars. Yes please. the only question is this: Gold or Silver?

Other things I'm loving:
This dress from Forever 21. Well actually it's Faith21, for plus-sized ladies, but whatevs. It's magenta, and I feel like that's not a color I can say I definitely have. This would be especially baller with a nice cropped black jacket or something.

I'm considering getting a tat like this. :-)

And if life was perfect, I'd have this guy for my birthday:

Okay, that's all. :-)

♥ Shay

I'm Not Ruined, Just a Little Wounded :-(

Going through my Google Reader, I came across this article over at Fly Guy Chronicles, and I really felt a need to respond to it. What better place than my blog?

I don't feel like someone can "ruin" you, but it can wound your emotions for a long time. In relationships, we take so many injuries to our emotions with silence, because we're taught to pick and choose our battles in the world of love. Well, if the injuries come too frequently with no room to heal, then you just get burned out. So I can relate to the woman who said that she was just too drained to not put too much energy into another person. Word.

I don't know what my point is with this, except to say that I've felt that way before. Lol. But it's not fair to treat the next like the ex. <--yeah homie, i'm rhyming!

Oh, the question about if it's cocky to ask if you "ruined" someone. Idk, I feel like that's a respectable characteristic, to want to be aware of your past flaws. And sometimes, I feel like it's a good time to give that other person a chance to say what they really felt, because like I said, people choose their battles in relationships. I've had ex's asked me what they did right and what they did wrong in the past, and I think it gave us both a good sigh of relief. I don't know if it counts that I broke off the relationships or not. But I only break off because it always ends up that I'm quietly suffocating what the other person is oblivious or unable to change their ways.

Does that make me the victim then?

Who knows. I don't see myself as a victim. Misunderstood, maybe. But not a victim.

Anyway, enough on relationships and such tonight, just needed to share. BUT:
Feel free to give me your perspective. Do you feel like you can ruin or be ruined by someone?

In other news, I'm still looking for a boo. :-)
Just Kidding! Lmao. I'm chilling.
♥ Shay

Saturday, October 10


Sometimes I feel like a drifter, like I'm not apart of anything in particular. I know that most people call that independent, but independent insinuates comfort with being alone. I'm not comfortable with my lonliness much. Like for instance, sitting in my room alone, like I am right now, really bothers me. I want to converse with someone, do something. I used to ha e a balance of both, of lonliness and socialization, but lately I've been having a clear preference for one over the other.
Loneliness can now be added to the list of flaws of Shay, where impatience already resides. 

Thursday, October 1

Got my Hair Did!

The pic above is my hair after a wash and style from the salon on campus. After playing and shaking my hair for the rest of the night, I thought:

I could really get used to this!

Not to mention I also got my eyebrows arched. It's been a while since I did this for myself and it felt good. It's amazing the affect of cleaning up your appearance can do for your confidence. I feel like getting my hair done has given me an ego boost to last me a while.
A while being until the next time I scrape up the money to get my hair done again!

Moral of the story: ladies and gents take the time to do something for your external self: get a hair cut, a new do, a manicure...something. Then note how much better you feel mentally. We always talk about not forsaking or not ignoring our minds, but the same goes for the body as well.

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