Monday, May 31

I'M MOVING! Tumblr, that is :-)

My new blog home is url is
I think there are some features about blogger that I will miss, but I really just enjoy the interface of Tumblr and the quick and easy options it offers for posting. So like when I wanna share quotes, or just put a picture up, I can.

Oh, and don't worry about not seeing the older posts anymore.... I've moved them all over to tumblr if you ever want to revisit them. The only problem is that the comments are gone, so that'll be gone.

I hope you guys will support my choice and follow me. And I'll try not to move too soon.

In my defense though, it's been about a year with Blogger! Not bad in my opinion!

So this is not goodbye, just see you later :-)



Anonymous said...

ooh, i'm thinking of getting a tumblr too. i have a private wordpress right now, but i kind of want to have a blog for friends and strangers that's more public and general. i should bite the bullet and get one too! :) congrats on a year of blogging - i've had my wordpress for almost 9 months and i feel so accomplished. you're a great writer!

.:.Simply Shay.:. said...

I would definitely say DO IT! It's so fun to me. It's really interactive and... "young"-feeling.

And thanks for the congrats---I mean... I guess I've done it off and on throughout the years, but this was the first place I felt was actually like my [online] home.
But moves are necessary sometimes