Friday, March 18

Sex, Love, Pain [1st draft]

Sex me, Love me, Take my pain.
Let's stroll in the sunshine
And play in the rain.
Love sex and pain
are grown folks thangs
So don't jump in today
If you're not gonna stay.
My loyalty is intuituve
I'm into you, I'll stick with you
I'll give it all to you
I'll do it all for you
With the assurance
that you'd do it for me too.
We can be a duo, I know
Where we can go
 We'll be flyer
than red-breasted robins
robbing haters of envy
And spending the chump change
On helping chumps change
We can be movements by ourselves
And revolutions when we're together
We  might stir a war and pop shots
In the middle of our own joy
But we don't need cops to reconcile
love makes us both fools and friends
and we mend like the carpenter who taught us
that our pain is inevitable in this  game
but our embrace is the perfect solace.
i know we will be just fine.
come hell or high waters
we'll go blow for blow with the bull
round after round in the bed
and now and forever in this life, together.

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