Tuesday, March 29

Jesus be a magic 8-ball and make this difficult decision for me. I doubt myself more than any functioning person should. I question choices I make to the point of being disabling. My problem is that I can see the pros and cons of either situation I'm looking at, but my problem is that I can never bring myself to be unbiased to the weight of the pros and cons. Like, each only be 1 point, and let the quantity outweigh the fact that 1 issue could be greater than 3 benefits?
It is a hard decision. And I've been praying that God would show me what to do, or at least give me confirmation of what I should be doing. And it feels like God isn't answering me right now. It isn't saying no or yes, it seems. It's like he's giving me the free will to make my choice. Crazy thing is, this is the time where I don't want the decions! I'm screaming, Jesus take the wheel and give me a big, clear sign of what you need for me to do. Because if God points me in the right direction, I can make myself with whatever from here on out. But if I do it... well, I've been known to get things wrong. Often.

I know this is all a part of growing up, but this ish is tough!

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